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User Experience Services


Optimize current system

Provide a design audit, which involves running through the current state of the product and providing actionable feedback for immediate or future releases/revisions.  Identifies potential profitable opportunities!


Interaction dEsign

Design wireframes for optimized productivity, supporting prioritized workflows.  This is highly interactive with the software team, and can uncover profitable opportunities, through streamlining user workflows.


Usability Testing

Create formative usability studies to down select concepts,  test effectiveness, and keep the team on track.  This involves : recruiting, scheduling, developing protocol, conducting study, and writing report.  For medical companies, this can be done In accordance with FDA guidance.


Persona Development

Utilizing observation and subject matter experts, archetypes are built to clearly outline user motivations, expectations and frustrations. With the development team aligned, the team can move forward with clear 'design by objective' decision making. This is also called understanding USER NEEDS.


Journey Map Creation

Create a visual interpretation from the users perspective, of their task/day/job.  This work can highlight opportunities that companies can leverage. This is also called USER STORIES.


Visual Design

Create User Interaction patterns, develop visual style concepts, and apply final visual design to wireframes allows for consistent user experience. This includes developing icons and creating style guide.


Although our client is the market leader, we had Connect Design do research that lead to highlighting product opportunities, and improvements in their next product. Our client was very pleased with the work



With over 20 years of product development experience, I drive to clarify and define the user experience through team collaboration and thoughtful interaction design and research. Having a clear and common vision of the product enables the development team (hardware and/or software) to move quickly and surely.  I am a design leader with a passion for User Experience (UX) and User Interaction Design (IxD, UI). My background as an Interaction Designer, and an award winning Industrial Designer specializing in professional electronic equipment, have provided me with a strong foundation of successful User Experience in the Industrial and Medical space.  


I love helping product development teams, big & small, corporations & consultancies, design products that address the users needs.  Complex systems, and systems that have multiple devices communicating are my speciality. 

Let me put my knowledge to work for you!

Sena Janky




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I would love to help you with your product. 


Mobile: 206-349-1330


The photographs below are representative of the users and systems I have designed products for. I am happy to share my portfolio in person.

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